Course overview

BIE Revisiting Basics is a 15 lecture series designed to help radiologists, radiology fellows and trainees, as well as surgeons to get the basic knowledge and understanding of breast imaging for application in their practice and exams.

Course Director's Message

We have worked hard to carve the series that would provide in-depth knowledge of all basic topics for beginners in breast imaging. The trainees preparing for the board exams would get clarity on how to read breast cases using lexicons from ACR BI-RADS and provide reasonable differentials. The practicing radiologists would get insight into how to provide clear and concise reports for breast cases and contribute appropriately in the clinical workflow.


At the end of the series, the attendees would be able to –

  • understand the role of various imaging modalities for breast and use them in appropriate ways under various clinical situations.
  • appreciate the normal appearances of breast on common modalities and differentiate them from the abnormal ones.
  • report a mammogram as per the guidelines of American College of Radiology and be able to assign appropriate BIRADS. This would help not only for the exams but also to write clear reports in routine clinical practice as per the guidelines of ACR.
  • understand the basics of breast interventions – their types, role, and utility in various clinical conditions.
  • get the basic knowledge on various aspects of management of breast cancer, as needed from a radiologist’s perspective.

Who Should Attend The Course

  •  Radiology trainees or fellows preparing for board exams or those keen to improve skills in breast imaging subspecialty. 
  • Radiologists keen to learn breast radiology from basics to be able to apply in clinical practice.
  • Surgery residents and fellows who would like to get the basic knowledge of breast imaging to corroborate with their clinical practice. 

FORMAT of the series

  • A series of 15 lectures by expert international speakers
  • Each session will last for about 45-60 minutes
  • Each session will have a follow-up quiz to refresh the knowledge imparted which is likely to be useful in MCQ exams
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of every session
  • There will be an MCQ test at the end of the series in which the attendees could attempt to refresh the course.
  • At the end of the series, the attendees would receive a certificate of completion of a basic course on breast imaging.
  • If you miss any of the lectures during the series, you will be able to visit the recorded session for up to 2 weeks after the session.

Topics covered

Lecture 1. Breast Imaging Introduction
Lecture 2. Screening Guidelines and High Risk Screening
Lecture 3. Radiological Anatomy of Breast
Lecture 4. Lymphatic Drainage and Lymph Nodes
Lecture 5. Embryology, Development and Anomalies of Breast
Lecture 6. Mammogram: Positioning, Views, and Quality Audit
Lecture 7. BIRADS: Introduction
Lecture 8. Masses
Lecture 9. Asymmetry and  Architectural Distortion
Lecture 10. Microcalcifications
Lecture 11. BIRADS: Report organization and Assessment Category 
Lecture 12. Breast Intervention
Lecture 13. Male Breast Conditions
Lecture 14. Advances in Breast Imaging
Lecture 15. Breast Cancer Staging and Management


Our world class faculty has specially designed the course to handhold you to get a firm grasp on the basics of breast imaging.