Breast Imaging Essentials

Intensive MRI Breast Reading Course and MRI Intervention Workshop, Chennai 2020

Case-based and hands-on learning for beginners and advanced practitioners

Chennai, India

Postponed due to COVID-19. New dates to be confirmed soon

An intensive 2-day program that covers the state-of-the-art basic to advanced concepts of MRI breast imaging for beginners and advanced practitioners, as per the guidelines of American College of Radiology.

The participants will be exposed to MRI Breast technique, MRI Breast guidelines, Hands-on reading of breast MRIs. There will be lectures; extensive workstations based case reviews and QnA sessions. Participants will be exposed to up to 100 MRI Breast cases.

In addition, participants will also receive a half-day hands-on training on MRI guided breast intervention procedures.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

 Describe various indications and guidelines for Breast MRI. They will understand the pros and cons of using this modality in various clinical conditions.

 Report MRI Breast study systematically utilizing the appropriate BI-RADS lexicon as described by the ACR guidelines.

 Enhance interpretative skills of reading Breast MRI in various breast conditions, including breast implants.

 Use various protocols with the understanding of utility of each sequence.

Upon completion of the course the participants will receive a certificate of attendance and completion.

Day 1
7.30-8.00: Registration
08.00-08.05: Welcome note: Dr. Niketa Chotai
8.05- 8.30: Lecture: Guidelines and Technique of MRI Breast
8.30-8.55: Lecture: MRI Breast lexicon and BIRADS reporting style
8.55 – 9.00: How to use workstation and load various sequences
9.00 -9.45: Teaching set 1 (Cases 1-10)
9.45-10.10 Tea Break.
10.10-11.00: Teaching set 2 (Cases 11-20)
11.00- 12.00: Test set 1 (cases 21-30)
12.00-12.45: Review test set 1
12.45-13.45: Lunch Break
13.45-14.30: Test set 2 (Cases 31-40)
14.30-15.15: Review test set 2
15.15-15.35: MRI in high risk screening
15.35-15.50 Tea Break
15.50- 16.40: Test set 3 (Cases 41-50)
16.40-17.25: Review test set 3
17.25-18.15: Test set 4 (Cases 51-60)
Other lectures- Abbreviated breast MRI/ MRI in breast augmentation

Day 2
7.45-8.00 QnA session from previous day teachings
8.00- 8.45: Review test set 4
8.45-9.05: Lecture: MRI in Preop staging and NAC
9.05-09.55: Test set 5 (Cases 61-70)
09.55-10.15: Tea Break
10.15-11.00: Review test set 5
11.00-11.15: Lecture: MRI in DCIS
11.15-12.05: Test set 6 (Cases 71-80)
12.05-12.50: Review test set 6
12.50-13.50: Lunch Break
13.50-15.00- Test set 7 + Bx workshop group A in 2 batches
15.00-15.50: Review test set 7
15.50- 17.00: Test set 8 + Bx workshop for group B in 2 batches
17.00- 17.50: Review test set 8
17.50-18.00: Closing session

MRI Breast Intervention workshop
Day 2

14.00-17.00 Hrs


Early Bird : SGD 990.00 (up to Jan 25, 2020)*  

Regular: SGD 1190.00    (up to May 28, 2020)*

Late: SGD 1390.00 (after May 28, 2020)*


Early Bird : SGD 690.00 (up to Jan 25, 2020)*  

Regular: SGD 890.00    (up to May 28, 2020)*

Late: SGD 1390.00 (after May 28, 2020)*

* SGD 30.00 bank charges applicable

—Cancellation Policy–

Any cancellation or replacement must be conveyed to the Organiser in writing. A cancellation fee of 50% of registration fee will be charged if the cancellation is received on or before 28th May 2020. There will be no refund of registration fee for cancellations made after 28th May 2020. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the programme and/or the terms. Full refund minus admin charges will be made should the course be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and all refunds will be made after the actual event date. Admin charges refer to any charges incurred to the organisers up until the point of cancellation.

–User Agreement–

By registering for the course, the participants fully understand and consent for the photographs / videos/ data collected before, during, and after the workshop to be used by the course organizers for teaching, research, and publicity purposes. The organicers shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the participants’ identity will not be disclosed wherever these photos/ data/ videos are used for teaching sessions, academic discussions/ meetings, publications and publicity. Pursuant thereto, the participants agree not to hold the organizers liable for any consequences that may follow any such disclosures.

  1. Abstract (maximum 300 words) should be submitted to [email protected] by May 28, 2020. Final e-poster should be submitted by June 15, 2020.

  2. Please upload your ePoster as a 1-page PDF-file in landscape orientation.

    Please see the following technical requirements for the ePoster:

    • File format: PDF
    • Pixels: 1536 width x 1080 height (landscape orientation)
    • In cm: 54.2 width x 38.1 height (landscape orientation)
    • Font size:16
  3. Posters should be in English.
  4. Topic should be related to Breast Imaging, preferably MRI Breast.
  5. At least one of the authors should be attending IMBRC 2020.
  6. Poster should be made under the following headings – Title, Authors and Affiliations, Abstract, Objective, Methodology, Results, and Conclusions.
  7. The participant will be responsible for bearing all the costs including registration, travel, accommodation, any costs associated with the preparation and presentation of the poster, or any other costs associated with attending the congress.

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Participants' Reviews

The workshop was amazing. It covered all the basic to advanced concepts I wanted to learn about MRI Breast reporting. I was impressed by the faculty, presentation, and overall organization. Now I feel more confident and prepared to start MRI Breast reporting according to international guidelines.
Dr. Lydia Kuntjoro
I thank Dr. Niketa for organizing the workshop. I got most of what I aimed for. The faculty was very sincere and helpful to us and gave personalized attention to us. They even helped me with some cases I brought from back home. I recommend other radiologists to join the course as it is good value.
Dr. Maisie Johan


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